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Sustainable Energy

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Like a human doctor moonvriksh provide highly qualified doctor as a postgraduate in wood science technology, forestry, and environment management who know the environment, tree and wood product better than anyone else. For many years we are  living with the tree and its product as the wood product we use in daily life they are now like a family but still we don't know about it and in the future what condition they will then the last option you get to replace it which cant fulfil the gap what you have lost, so moonvriksh provide you with a doctor wood which his expertise he analyses the current situation and provides you with a health card off your product, tree, log, timber, composite so you know better about it and, make your bond more strong by understanding them and I prefer before buying it should analyse first as it important, and we also provide learning about wood processing, wood preservation, finishing operation, wood composite processing, wood glue and resin, testing, forest certification many more you will get to know about us and it will improve your sector by our knowledge we assure you 

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